Dubai Abaya Exporters

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About Us

We are a 25 year old business entity in Dubai, UAE, engaged in manufacturing and export of Abaya, Scarfs and other Ethnic dresses. We provide the best product at the cheapest cost to our customers globally. Our Abayas include plain jet black, with small embroidery, large embroidery, machine prints as well as various special stones.

 We cater to both retail as well as wholesale clients based in the US, UK, France, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and many other countries.

 Please have a look at our sample collection under the Photos section - we have provided detailed information including costs, as you click on a specific photo desired.

 We are eager to expand our business so please feel free to call or email us, as we prefer to add a personal touch to our business dealings.

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OUR WHOLESALE WEBSITE   www.abayamanufacture.com

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